Advance Services

Online Ticketing


Your Brand

Red Box will provide you with your own custom buy process throughout the booking, using your imagery and content, including the confirmation email and tickets.

Direct Banking


Your Tickets Your Money

Red Box will integrate directly with your merchant provider: giving you access to all ticketing funds helping you to run your event smoothly. 

Real Time Reporting


 Watch Progress 24/7 

Direct access to the Reporting System for you and your team, providing you with all the figures you need to track sales. This includes Google Analytics and orders in progress.



More Than Just eTickets


Your custom design of: 

•   Printed Tickets

•   eTickets

•   Mobile Tickets

•   Overprinted Wristbands

UK Call Center


In House 

Red Box has a flexible call centre with a core team that can grow as and when needed for on-sales. Optionally you can also have your own memorable phone number answered as your brand.  

Dedicated Account Manager


Part of Your Team  

You will have your own dedicated account manager to help assist you with the day to day management of your event. You will also have the direct phone numbers of the directors if you should need them.  

Despatch Team


Personalised Delivery 

We can pack and despatch other items with the tickets including lapels, badges, parking hangers, camping forms and much more. For the personal touch we can also deliver in your branded envelopes.  

Support Team


Help at Hand  

Unlimited access to a team of staff always able to help you with setup, sales, ideas and promotions.  

Social Media Integration


Social Media Sells Tickets  

You will be integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

Red Box CRM


Analyse and Maximise Sales 

You can use the Red Box CRM tool to identify your core, new and lapsed audiences. The powerful analytics will segment your data and give you insight into their purchase profile.  

Promotional Codes


 Offers and Tracking  

You will be able to use unique promotional codes to offer discounts as well as being able to track sales from emails, websites and social media.  

Online Seating Plan


 Choose Your Seat  

Your customers will be able to select their seat from a visual seating plan to get the best experience.  

on-site services

Box Office


Equip Your Box Office  

Red Box can provide the sales terminals and ticket printers you need for your on day box office requirements.  

Access Control


Scanning Solution

A fully integrated Access Control Scanning system that can work in both a live and off line environment, providing your scanning staff with all the tools required to resolve any query. 



Box office Sales Reconciliation  

All box office monies can be reconciled by a specialist Red Box team at the event and banked directly into your account.  



Red Box Recruiting  

Red Box provides hundreds of staff over the duration of the year for many events in a wide range of positions from Box Office, Scanning, VIP Hospitality, Press and Meet & Greet. Let us know what you need and we can find the right people.  

Press Registration


Pre-Registration and VIP Access  

Press can register for a press pass online with the ability to load a resent photo. When authorised by the organiser they can automatically be sent a VIP invitation to the press office. 

Track My Guest


Know When Your VIP's Arrive 

A unique Red Box service that sends text alerts when that special person arrives that you or one of your exhibitors wants to meet and greet. Ideal for sponsors or exhibitors with high value products.